Dhaval Jadav

Dhaval Jadav

Dhaval Jadav co-founded alliantgroup in 2002 with co-founder and current Chief Operating Officer Shane T. Frank. Jadav currently serves as the firm’s CEO. To date, alliantgroup has helped its clients claim over $7 billion in U.S. tax incentives and has expanded to include locations in Boston, New York, Chicago and Sacramento, among others.

Dhaval Jadav alliantgroup CEOAfter earning an LL.M. degree in taxation from Georgetown University Law Center, Jadav worked in both the public and private spheres. He worked for the Internal Revenue Service in its Houston District Counsel office as well as for Deloitte and Touche. Jadav’s passion for helping American businesses led to his founding alliantgroup.

“The goal is to ensure that our clients and all small and mid-sized businesses, not just the Fortune 500, are engaged in the tax reform debate and understand its long-term ramifications,” said Jadav. “By bringing more voices into the mix, we are hoping to create a tax code that works for all Americans, U.S. businesses and the economy at large.”

In addition to his role as CEO, Jadav serves as a member of alliantgroup’s Strategic Advisory Board and also lends expertise to a number of outside consulting partners and firms including, ZMFF&J, DSquared Tax Strategies and alliantNational, a division of alliantgroup that provides subject matter consulting on emerging federal, state and international tax issues.

Jadav has assisted in a number of employee and philanthropy-focused initiatives. He hosted alliantgroup’s Economic, Legislative & Policy Summit as part of the firm’s ThinkTank series, and in 2017, he helped introduce a STEM scholarship program for high school students in the Houston area. Jadav has also contributed to a number of industry publications. In 2018, he and NSCA executive director Chuck Wilson published a piece in Industry Week highlighting the necessary steps every business should take to ward off cyber attacks.

Dhaval Jadav grew up in Texas where he is a licensed attorney.

For more information, find Dhaval Jadav on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Crunchbase. Additional updates on Dhaval and alliantgroup events can be found at alliantgroupinfo.com.