Innovating America: alliantgroup’s Dean Zerbe and Mark Everson Discuss the Inner-Workings of Congress, the IRS and Getting Things Done on Capitol Hill

The IRS is our nation’s profit center. It collects funds that help build our roads, arm our armed forces and build our bridges. However, with dwindling resources at its disposal, the agency is leaving millions upon millions of dollars on the table that could be poured into our country’s economy. Not only that, but the agency is constantly taking part in a dance with Congress and the legislative body’s oversight function whenever any new tax law is passed.

In this episode, we sit down with former IRS Commissioner Mark Everson and Dean Zerbe, former Senior Counsel and Tax Counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance, to talk about the limited bandwidth of the IRS, the relationship between these two government bodies and what problems kept both Dean and Mark up at night during their time in Washington D.C.

The conversation also circles around the public’s perception of tax compliance, the colossal undertaking of administering tax laws and how Dean and Mark prepped for their enormous responsibilities of running the IRS and keeping the agency in check.

From sitting next to a prisoner during a Congressional oversight hearing to dealing with the interests of whale hunters being included in major tax legislation, our next two guests have seen it all during their time in Washington D.C.

Take a listen to hear from these amazing guests, and to get an insight into the future of the relationship between the IRS and Congress.

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