Innovating America: Think Tank 2019: Checking the Pulse of the Talent and Technology in U.S. Business

Business leaders in the U.S. face a mountain of issues on a daily basis, including hiring talent, increasing productivity, creating an engaging work environment and adapting to new technologies as they develop year after year.

alliantgroup’s 2019 Think Tank Series: STEM, Leadership & The Future of U.S. Business, brought together business leaders from all over the country to discuss these very issues, and so much more.

On this episode of Innovating America, guest host George Morgan sat down with seven different business leaders to discuss how they developed into the professionals they are today, and what they see as the quintessential elements of a strong leader in business that can retain top talent to take their business to the next level.

“The image of manufacturing and the image of those skills are not very flattering, or not very interesting. It’s not well broadcast, but in reality when you see the lifestyle they can lead without the college debt it’s quite remarkable,” said Dave Tilstone, who is currently a Business Development Officer at iT SpeeX and serves on alliantgroup’s Strategic Advisory Board.

Tilstone spoke to how the narrative surrounding manufacturing needs to change, as well as the challenges of businesses retaining technical talent and advancements within his field like the Industrial Internet of Things.

Morgan also spoke with Hal Feldbaum, a CPA and Principal at Friedman LLP, about his experience at Friedman and how propensity for math drove him to his career in public accounting and what types of technologies are becoming more abundant in his field.

With regard to technology and tax, Feldbaum said, “It’s us taking the information and figuring out what’s best with the information that we have and I just don’t know that a computer would ever really be able to figure that out. It’s knowing your client, knowing whether they are conservative, whether they are aggressive, how they feel about things that I really don’t think a computer would ever be able to figure out,” said Hal Feldbaum.

Take a listen to the latest episode now to hear from even more business leaders on their industry and their successes!

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