Innovating America: The Robot Revolution: Demystifying the Myth of Machines as Job Thieves

It’s a constant theme that’s reported on the news: no matter your field, a robot will likely be able to do your job one day.

This can be a scary notion, and one that studies have been able to in some ways substantiate. For example, Oxford Economics recently reported that robots could take 20 million manufacturing jobs from individuals all over the world by the year 2030.

On this episode of Innovating America, the President of the Association for Advancing Automation joins the show to discuss how robots are actually a value-add for our economy, and are in fact increasing the amount of jobs available to Americans.

“First, let me speak about the general issue of robots taking jobs. We see just the opposite. We see robots saving and creating jobs and it’s because the real threat to jobs is when companies can no longer compete. That’s when all the jobs are at risk,” said Burnstein.

Burnstein also spoke to the history of robotics in the U.S., how industries should embrace the robot revolution and what our education system needs in order for our country to remain competitive in the field of robotics.

Take a listen to the latest episode now to hear from even more business leaders on their industry and their successes!

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