Innovating America: alliantgroup’s Jon Murphy, Rick Lazio and Frank Tirelli Talk Cybersecurity on Latest Podcast Episode

We’re living in a world where the average ransomware attack costs companies $5 million, and cyberattacks are causing nearly 3.8 million records to be stolen from companies every single day.

On the latest episode of Innovating America, Congressman Rick Lazio, RGCybersecurity Vice President Jon Murphy and alliantgroup’s Vice Chairman for Professional Services Frank Tirelli join the show to discuss cybersecurity in the United States, and the importance of cyber-vigilance for U.S. businesses.

During the roundtable discussion, Lazio, Murphy and Tirelli discussed how the perpetrators of these attacks are able to hack our country’s businesses so easily, and what can be done to stop them. They also take a deep dive into just how much of an impact cyber-attacks can have on small and medium sized businesses, and the steps these businesses can take to protect themselves.

From a breakdown of how an HVAC company was leveraged to infiltrate Target, to how something as simple as a company badge can take down a company, nothing is off the table in this riveting conversation about the cyber-threats we face today.

Lazio’s expertise as a legislator combined with Murphy’s technical expertise and Tirelli’s years of experience working with professional service firms makes these episode of Innovating America one that you won’t want to miss!

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