Hartfiel Automation CEO Myron Moser Joins alliantgroup Strategic Advisory Board

Myron Moser

alliantgroup is so proud to welcome Myron Moser, Chief Executive Officer of Hartfiel Automation in Minnesota, to alliantgroup’s Strategic Advisory Board.

Moser, who also serves as Chairman of the Board for Hartfiel Automation, is one of the top executives in the U.S. automation industry. Under his leadership, Hartfiel Automation has seen incredible growth, continuing to diversify its product offerings in hydraulics, aluminum extrusions, and robotics and automation solutions. His company has helped strengthen the American manufacturing industry through innovative solutions for more than 60 years.

“Having worked with alliantgroup in the past, I knew that my expertise in the field, coupled with the core mission of helping U.S. businesses be more profitable, would make for an excellent relationship. The core mission of alliantgroup and Hartfiel are almost identical,” said Moser. “I’m right in the middle of what these businesses are dealing with and can personally relate to their struggles. I can’t tell you how excited I am to work with alliantgroup to help more American businesses prosper. It is truly a passion of mine.”

In his new role, Moser will be leveraging his decades of experience as a top executive in the world of automation for the strategic benefit of alliantgroup’s clients and CPA partners.

“Myron Moser exemplifies the core mission of alliantgroup, which is giving American businesses the tools they need to succeed,” said alliantgroup CEO Dhaval Jadav. “We’re so excited to partner with him to help strengthen U.S. businesses throughout the country.”

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Hartfiel Automation CEO Myron Moser Joins alliantgroup Strategic Advisory Board
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