Take a Listen: alliantgroup’s Mike Johanns, Former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Talks With Innovating America About Tech in Ag

alliantgroup’s own Mike Johanns is the featured guest of Innovating America’s latest episode: Advancements in Ag: How Tech is Pushing the Agriculture Industry into the Future.

In the episode, Johanns, the former U.S. Secetary of Agriculture as well as Governor of Nebraska, discusses a wide variety of technologies, from drones that monitor crop growth to robots that analyze soil quality.

Johanns tells an epic story of how technology’s place in the agriculture sector has grabbed the attention of engineers and developers across the country, and the importance of supporting innovation’s place in the field.

According to Johanns, the agriculture industry in the U.S. is stronger than ever, with the farmers of America determined to leverage technological innovations to push forward and help solve both domestic and global problems.

Click here to listen.

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