alliantgroup’s Webinar To Shows the True Value of the R&D Credit for Software Developers

Whether a software development company is improving software that already exists or designing the framework for a new database, that business likely qualifies for a powerful government incentive known as the R&D Tax Credit.

alliantgroup Director Alexander Kirillov is hosting a complimentary webinar for software developers all over the country who are looking to take advantage of the credit, which was created to incentivize the very same type of innovative work that developers do on a daily basis.

During the webinar, Kirillov will outline how the software development industry is already taking advantage of the R&D Tax Credit, and what those businesses who aren’t familiar with the incentive need to know before taking advantage of it.

Software and technology companies who are involved with any of these types of activities should make sure to take advantage of the presentation:

  • Designing, developing or engineering software and/ or hardware platforms
  • Improving existing software
  • Integration with existent systems and internal-use software (IUS)
  • Database architecture design, implementation or improvement

Click here to register and learn more about how technology and software experts can use this incentive to grow their business and innovative more than ever.

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