Take a Listen: alliantgroup’s Dhaval Jadav and Frank Tirelli Talk Company Culture, Innovative Work Environments with Innovating America

alliantgroup’s own CEO Dhaval Jadav and Vice Chairman of Professional Services Frank Tirelli are on the most recent episode of Innovating America: Re-writing the Rules on Company Culture and Innovative Work Environments

In the episode, Jadav and Tirelli discuss a wide variety of topics, including how companies can create a company culture that its employees can easily adapt to and be productive in.

Jadav and Tirelli both speak from personal experience and lay out what American companies get wrong about fostering great work environments, and what the future holds for American businesses who can, and cannot adapt.

The episode’s conversation takes a deep dive into how businesses can drive revenue, passion and a commitment to a unified company mission while also retaining top talent.

Click here to listen.

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