alliantgroup CEO Dhaval Jadav Featured in KPRC Community Spotlight Q&A Session

alliantgroup’s top executive discusses the skills gap, STEM education and giving back to the Houston Community

In a recent piece featured by KPRC, NBC’s local broadcast affiliate in the Houston area, alliantgroup CEO Dhaval Jadav sat down for an informative Q&A session with Ann Scott, the Chief Development Officer and Executive Director of the HISD Foundation. During the interview, Jadav touched on a number of topics related to the founding of alliantgroup, his passion for STEM education and the firm’s community outreach through the Blue Heart Fund, alliantgroup’s nonprofit charity.

In the article, Jadav traced his motivations for founding alliantgroup back to his time as a consultant for a number of innovative Silicon Valley technology companies. It was during this time that Jadav noted the sheer volume of businesses that were either unaware of or not claiming the various tax incentives designed for their benefit. According to Jadav, alliantgroup was created to help small and mid-size businesses claim the government-sponsored tax incentives “that reward companies for pursuing innovation and for keeping high-paying technical jobs here in the U.S.”

It was also in this capacity (and then later as alliantgroup’s CEO) that Dhaval Jadav gained firsthand experience of the growing technical skills gap and its long-term consequences for the economy and American workers. With the rapid advancement and adoption of technology transforming the economy into one that is largely tech and service-based, Jadav highlights the importance that STEM skills will have for our future workforce. According to Jadav, it is why alliantgroup has made the promotion of STEM education the center of the firm’s community outreach and philanthropic initiatives.

Click here to read the full interview and to learn more about the Blue Heart Fund, alliantgroup and the firm’s various community outreach initiatives.

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