alliantgroup’s Blue Heart Fund Sponsors $10,000 Bellaire High School Post-Harvey Water Study

At alliantgroup, we are obviously big believers in the importance of STEM education. Promoting STEM at an earlier age was one of the main motivating factors in founding the Blue Heart Fund, a non-profit charity dedicated in part to promoting STEM education through various philanthropic initiatives. It’s also the reason alliantgroup, through the Blue Heart Fund, recently sponsored a grant of $10,000 to Bellaire High School for a Post-Hurricane Harvey water quality study of the Houston area.

Jane Baker, a Bellaire High School teacher and one of the grant’s recipients, believes the study will benefit the community and help students cultivate the skills necessary for a career in scientific research. Baker will lead the water quality study with fellow teachers Hillary Schulze and Stephanie Clayton, as well as student teacher Sara Ross. The school’s environmental science department will also provide assistance.

During the study, students will gather water quality data from Cypress Slough and Bolivar Peninsula. By comparing their findings to data collected prior to Hurricane Harvey, they hope to learn more about the storm’s long-term effects. Based on their analysis, they will then identify and test possible water remediation solutions, sharing their progress on social media and other platforms.

Sponsorship of this grant is just one way alliantgroup is helping to advance interest in STEM in the local community. Through the Blue Heart Fund, we will continue our efforts to advance STEM education, as we believe it is the key to a brighter future.

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