Addressing the Crisis: alliantgroup CEO Dhaval Jadav Offers Insight Into How the U.S. Can Close an Increasingly Growing Skills Gap Through STEM Education

The technical skills gap in the United States has led to millions of unfilled jobs and poses a serious threat to the country’s long-term economic success.

alliantgroup CEO Dhaval Jadav addressed this issue in a May 2018 opinion piece for The Hill by offering tangible policy solutions that the U.S. could utilize to both help fill these vacancies and boost the country’s economic standing.

Jadav speaks to his experience working with companies all around the country in his article, explaining that the primary concern for business leaders in this moment is the fact that they cannot fill open positions due to the lack of technical talent available.

“As technology advances and becomes an integral part of our factories and workspaces, a strong background in STEM will be non-negotiable for workers seeking to improve their career prospects,” Jadav said.

Policy initiatives discussed in the article include the need for public and private partnerships, educating students on both alternatives to four-year degrees and on the diversity of STEM careers as well as the promotion of STEM education at an earlier age.

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