Hot Off the Press: alliantgroup Experts Offer News Outlets Insight into Government Shutdown

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Several alliantgroup Strategic Advisory Board members have recently been able to share their unique perspectives into how the government shutdown might affect both IRS operations and ultimately, taxpayers.

alliantgroup’s own Mark Everson, Dean Zerbe and Steven Miller were all quoted this month by a variety of publications looking to find answers as to how the Internal Revenue Service will deal with the shutdown this upcoming tax season.

A large concern amidst the shutdown, which is soon to enter its fifth week, is whether agency employees will be able to handle the enormous workload that comes with reviewing tax returns and issuing refunds.

“It’s already a stretched-thin agency,” Everson, former IRS Commissioner and alliantgroup Vice Chairman, told the Los Angeles Times in its article titled Even If the Shutdown Ends Today, the IRS May Not Issue You a Timely Tax Refund. “You’re taking real chances here the longer this goes on.”

Everson was also quoted by The Hill in its article, IRS Shutdown Plan Fails to Quell Worries, where he stated that the real impact of the shutdown would be “be on all the other things the Service does.”

Both Dean Zerbe, former Senior Counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee and alliantgroup National Managing Director, along with Steven Miller, former IRS Acting Commissioner and alliantgroup National Director of Tax, discussed the issue with Politico’s Morning Tax.

“My read is that there is a fair amount of gray in the interpretation of what government activities can be funded and just because it was read one way previously doesn’t mean that a new reading is outside the lines,” Zerbe said. Miller told Morning Tax that he wasn’t convinced the agency had enough resources to be able to accept all returns by the first day of the tax filing season, January 28th.

Miller also was quoted by NPR in its article, Despite 70,000 Furloughed IRS Workers, White House Vows Refunds Will Be Issued, saying that “It was always going to be a stretch for a very stretched IRS” to deal with this filing season. This can’t help.”

alliantgroup prides itself on the wide array of thought leaders it has as a part of its team, all of who continually show that their expertise is an invaluable resource.

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