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Over the past several months alliantgroup has run a series of though-leadership pieces appearing in Forbes BrandVoice. With contributors spanning from former IRS officials, former policymakers and some of the foremost thought-leaders in the areas of business, professional services, technology and tax, the long-running series offers unique insight on a number of emerging trends and their long-term implications for American enterprise.

The firm’s decision to participate in BrandVoice was ultimately driven by the desire to offer additional support to the company’s CPA and industry partners as well as its clients. In addition to offering the best possible customer service experience and helping businesses identify and properly claim the valuable government-sponsored tax incentives designed for their express benefit, alliantgroup CEO and co-founder Dhaval Jadav is committed to providing thought-leadership to the various industries serviced by his organization.

Prior to founding alliantgroup back in 2002, Jadav was a member of a mergers & acquisitions/private equity group in San Francisco, California, where he advised a number of high-tech companies. It was during this time that he became passionate about U.S. businesses, the influence of technology on economic progress and the importance of helping companies leverage new technologies for the broader benefit of society. These interests led to the eventual founding of alliantgroup, a firm whose services are largely based on helping companies claim incentives tied to innovation and the advancement of technology.

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As a result, much of the Brandvoice series is devoted to the adoption of technology, the importance of the tax code in promoting technological progress and other information relevant to the success of our nation’s business leaders and top innovators.

As part of the series, alliantgroup’s contributors have offered their thoughts on a range of topics that should be of great interest to business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. These pieces include:

  • An op-ed from Dhaval Jadav on emerging technology trends and their potential impact on a variety of industries over the next decade.
  • An IRS insider article from Kathy Petronchak, former IRS Commissioner of the Small Business/Self-Employed Division, on the strategies that businesses should pursue when engaging with the agency.
  • A thought-leadership piece from Jadav on the emerging STEM-skills gap in the American workforce and why our elected officials must push for policies that promote STEM education to drive economic progress.
  • An executive spotlight article from Kim Tardy, alliantgroup’s Director of Talent, on the strategies for retaining top-tier professionals and the importance of implementing a winning culture in building a successful business.
  • A piece from Dhaval Jadav and alliantgroup Executive Vice President Sonny Grover on the history and evolution of the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit and the credit’s importance in promoting technological innovation and American competitiveness. The piece also offers a few ideas on how to reform and further strengthen the R&D Tax Credit.

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alliantgroup Thought-Leadership Series Featured in Forbes BrandVoice
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