alliantgroup’s Dhaval Jadav and Sonny Grover Featured in Forbes

According to alliantgroup EVP Sonny Grover, the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit has been the single most important incentive for U.S. businesses. This has been true since the credit’s inception—and considering its evolution over the last three decades and the ever-expanding influence of technology, Grover argues in his new Forbes piece that the R&D Tax Credit will become even more important in ensuring a thriving and competitive U.S. economy.

In his Executive Insights article appearing in Forbes, Grover covers the history of the R&D Tax Credit and what the credit has already been able to achieve on behalf of U.S. businesses. Drawing on his and alliantgroup CEO Dhaval Jadav’s and COO Shane Frank’s experiences in consulting companies on the value and application of the credit, in the piece Frank advocates for a stronger R&D Tax Credit and other federal investments in R&D-based incentives that will put the U.S. economy in a more competitive position.

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