alliantgroup CEO Dhaval Jadav Published in Forbes

Considering the headlines and narratives we saw emerge from the last election, it’s clear that social and economic anxieties are running high within our nation. The reasons for this are obviously diverse and complex, but according to alliantgroup CEO Dhaval Jadav, the one root theme that encompasses this socio-economic anxiety is economic and technological disruption – and its impact is being felt throughout all corners of our economy.

In his latest piece from ForbesEmbracing the Future: The STEM Revolution,” Jadav offers his take on disruptive technologies and their long-term impact on the American labor force, U.S. businesses, the nature of work and the future of the economy. Addressing crucial issues such as growing economic inequality and the rise of automation, Jadav lays out a path for creating a more inclusive and dynamic economy that can usher in a new era of American prosperity. In the piece, Jadav argues that the public and private sectors must embrace the disruptive effects of technology and highlights the need for education and policy reforms that place a higher emphasis on STEM education.

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