alliantgroup’s Greg Knarr Featured in IndustryWeek Discussing Incentives for Companies Implementing Automation Systems

alliantgroup Director Greg Knarr was featured recently in IndustryWeek in an article to help generate awareness of the Research & Development Tax Credit for industries that are improving their processes.

In the IndustryWeek piece “How a Little-Known Tax Credit Can Pay Off Big in Automation Cost” Knarr illustrates on the usage of robotics and automation in multiple different industries and how the growing customer demand is driving these new systems. Knarr includes real-world examples of companies within industries such as manufacturing, agriculture and development implementing newer and more advanced robotics, AI and automation to meet their production and efficiency needs, as well as qualify for the Research & Development Tax Credit.

Greg Knarr joined alliantgroup in 2010 as a Director based out of Indianapolis and represents much of the company’s Midwest territory. Greg is an expert on the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit, and the role that automation plays in alliantgroup’s mission to strengthen U.S. businesses by helping to reduce tax liability.

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About the Author

alliantgroup’s mission is one of education and awareness—we exist to help industry organizations, businesses and the accounting firms that advise them take full advantage of all federal and state tax credits, incentives and deductions available. These powerful incentive programs are legislated by the government to help businesses grow and remain competitive locally as well as abroad. We are proud to have helped over 16,000 businesses claim more than $8 billion in tax incentives. alliantgroup’s international headquarters is in Houston, Texas, with offices across the country and internationally including New York, Boston, Chicago, Orange County, Sacramento, Indianapolis, Washington, D.C and London and Bristol in the U.K.