alliantgroup Hosts Executive Roundtable for Technology Industry Alliance Heads

During alliantgroup’s recent Technology, Economic, Legislative & Policy Summit, executives and thought leaders in the area of technology and economic policy came together to discuss issues that were impacting their industries and the American economy.

The summit took place as a “town hall” style forum. A major topic of discussion during the event included the nation’s emerging skills gap in the area of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). With a shortage of technical talent in the workforce, the U.S. will find it difficult to remain competitive if the labor pool lacks the skills needed to compete in an increasingly technology-centered economy.

“Talent is one of the handful of the most critical issues that CEOs and boards consider as they think about how to strategically position their company for the future,” said Rick Lazio, former U.S. Congressman and alliantgroup Senior Vice President. “It’s a big deal, both in terms of the people who develop products and have the technical and scientific background to do (the work) and how people get things to market.”

One solution discussed was early introduction to technology and making STEM-based education a priority in primary education and at American colleges and universities. Chuck Wilson, the Executive Director of the National Systems Contractors Association, highlighted NSCA’s Ignite initiative, a program that focuses on sparking interest in technology at a young age.

alliantgroup CEO Dhaval Jadav has also encouraged STEM learning among children in the Houston area through the firm’s initiatives. Through the Blue Heart Fund, the company’s non-profit charity, alliantgroup has taken local elementary school students on trips to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to spark an interest in STEM.

The firm also recently announced that it will award 20 $10,000 scholarships to the children of alliantgroup’s CPA and industry partners interested in pursuing a career in STEM.

“My passion for STEM runs deep,” said Jadav. “The only way we can create a better future for our kids is by making sure they learn the skills needed to be successful in the emerging economy. That will ultimately be the key in ensuring economic progress and prosperity for future generations.”

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alliantgroup Hosts Executive Roundtable for Technology Industry Alliance Heads
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