alliantgroup’s Dean Zerbe Quoted in TheStreet

Dean-Zerbe-236x300[1]Zerbe Discusses ACA and the Prospects for Comprehensive Tax Reform

Dean Zerbe, alliantgroup’s National Managing Director and the former Senior Counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, was quoted in a February 14th story from TheStreet focusing on the Affordable Care Act and congressional efforts on tax reform.

In Emily Stewart’s piece “Republicans Can Save Themselves on Obamacare by Tackling Tax Reform Instead,” Zerbe comments on the GOP’s current efforts to develop a replacement plan for the ACA and the goal of passing tax reform legislation by later this year. According to Zerbe, considering the difficulty the Republicans have had in coming to a consensus on their approach to ACA, it might be better politics to move forward on tax reform legislation first—a topic that has garnered much closer consensus within the party.

“Given where they are on the Affordable Care Act, they could begin to say, ‘Should we consider moving tax reform?'” said Dean Zerbe, former Counsel to the Senate Finance Committee and National Managing Director at alliantgroup. “I think they need to move something now.”

“The party is unified in wanting to remove [the ACA], but they’re obviously having some birthing pains about what follows,” said Zerbe. “On tax reform, the Republicans are certainly in agreement on wanting to get a tax system that’s more encouraging of growth and more internationally competitive, that’s got a broad appeal in the party.”

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