alliantgroup’s Dean Zerbe and Mark Everson Quoted in Politico

politico-blogHighlight the President-Elect’s Current and Future Relationship with the IRS

alliantgroup National Managing Director Dean Zerbe and alliantgroup Vice Chairman Mark Everson were quoted in a November 17 story from Politico discussing the current President-elect’s relationship with the IRS.

In Katy O’Donnell and Bernie Becker’s piece “Trump’s audit puts IRS in awkward position” both former public servants addressed a number of issues in this area as Zerbe (a former Senior Counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee) and Everson (a former IRS Commissioner) reflected on what the relationship between the White House and the IRS would be moving forward. When breaking down the relationship, both Zerbe and Everson made clear that the election results would not hurt the IRS and stated that the culture of the Service was strong enough to prevent any perceived abuses:

Zerbe — who helped craft the IRS whistleblower law as a Senate Finance Committee adviser — agreed, saying the culture at the agency would protect against abuses.

“The IRS itself is the best bulwark. It’s kind of a trust-but-verify thing, but culturally they’ve got that pretty dyed in the wool,” Zerbe said.
In the piece, Everson also expressed optimism that the relationship between the IRS and the House GOP would improve once the President-elect gets the opportunity to pick his own commissioner:

“There’ll be less of an incentive to criticize the service when the new Treasury secretary is trying to find a new commissioner, and they’ll want to make the agency work well,” Everson said.

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