alliantgroup’s Dean Zerbe Published in Forbes

alliantgroup’s Dean Zerbe Published in Forbes

Dean-Zerbe-236x300[1]Covers Kathy Petronchak’s Testimony Before House Committee on Small Business

Last week, Kathy Petronchak, alliantgroup’s Director of IRS Practice and Procedure and the former IRS Commissioner of the Small Business/Self-Employed (SB/SE) Division, testified before the House Committee on Small Business in regards to IRS audits and other compliance burdens placed on small companies.

In his latest article appearing in Forbes, “Hearing Spotlights Problems With IRS Audits of Small Businesses” Dean Zerbe, alliantgroup’s National Managing Director, covers the highlights of Petronchak’s testimony and her recommendations for improving the IRS examination process as well as the serious questions she raised regarding the protection of taxpayer rights. Specifically, the former Senior Counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee points to five specific issues in the examination process and Petronchak’s recommendations for improving transparency and fairness in each of these areas.

Click here to watch the full hearing, and here to read Petronchak’s statement in its entirety.
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alliantgroup’s Dean Zerbe Published in Forbes
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