alliantgroup’s Dean Zerbe and Steven Miller Featured in CPA Magazine

In all of the talk surrounding the $600 billion plus tax bill signed into law by the president last month, an underreported change within the deal could have the greatest impact of all for U.S. businesses. At least, that is the opinion of one former Senate Finance Committee advisor and a former acting IRS commissioner.

In their article appearing in CPA MagazineThe R&D Tax Credit: Permanent, Expanded and Open to Startups and Small Business,” Dean Zerbe, former Senior Counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee and alliantgroup’s National Managing Director, is joined by Steven Miller, former IRS Acting Commissioner and alliantgroup’s National Director of Tax, to review the PATH Act’s enhancements to the R&D Tax Credit designed specifically for the benefit of small businesses and startups.

Now permanent and expanded for the benefit of tens of thousands of previously ineligible companies across the country, Zerbe and Miller provide an in-depth look at the credit’s modifications and explain why CPAs and tax advisors should reevaluate their clients’ tax planning in 2016 and beyond.

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