alliantNational’s Ron Schultz Featured in Tax Analysts’ Moves and Appointments

In the most recent edition of Tax Analysts’ Moves and Appointments, a weekly column from reporter Andy Sheets dedicated to the latest personnel changes within the tax community, the publication highlights the recent addition of Ron Schultz to alliantNational, alliantgroup’s national office in Washington D.C.

Ron Schultz, former IRS senior technical adviser for the commissioners of the Tax-Exempt and Government Entities and Large and Midsize Business divisions, and for the deputy commissioner for Services and Enforcement, has joined alliantgroup’s national office in Washington, where he will advise CPAs and taxpayers on tax controversy issues. Schultz has previously contributed to guidance and legislation to improve compliance regarding tax-exempt groups, employee plans, and government entities, including the redesigning of Form 990, “Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax.”

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