alliantgroup’s Dean Zerbe Featured in Roll Call

alliantgroup’s Dean Zerbe Featured in Roll Call

alliantgroup’s Dean Zerbe Featured in Roll CallAccording to former Senior Counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee Dean Zerbe, the current discussion on tax reform often centers around big business, when the need for small business tax reform is just as great—and just as important—as for those within the Fortune 500.

In his article appearing in Roll Call, “How Tax Reform Affects Small Business,” the former advisor to the Senate Finance Committee and alliantgroup’s National Managing Director provides his insight into the current compliance barriers preventing small businesses from taking advantage of valuable tax incentives. In the piece, Zerbe elaborates on how certain statutory restrictions, unrealistic caps and the general complexity of the tax code have greatly limited the number of small companies that can claim these business-friendly tax incentives (many of which were designed by Congress for the express benefit of small businesses).

In order to create a tax code that works for small business, Zerbe offers a few commonsense, bipartisan solutions that Congress can pursue to move the country in the right direction.

Too often, small business owners find that when it comes to tax incentives, the code giveth — and the code taketh away. Congress needs to look at eliminating the AMT and other similar roadblocks for small businesses. Read more.

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alliantgroup’s Dean Zerbe Featured in Roll Call
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