alliantgroup Creates State of the Art Software to Capture Tax Deductions for Energy Efficient Building Design

In its ongoing quest to provide best-in-class services to its clients, epFacealliantgroup is proud to announce the release of its new proprietary software interface, epFace, which allows the firm to optimize its modeling calculations for energy based tax deductions. Designed in-house by alliantgroup, epFace allows for more accurate and specific calculations while capturing the federal tax deduction established in section 179D, The Energy Efficient Commercial Building Deduction.

“alliantgroup is the only tax consultant out there using this kind of software to capture tax deductions based on energy efficiency,” said alliantgroup Senior Managing Director Rizwan Virani. “This sort of state of the art modeling technology is typically reserved for basic or academic research. However, our investment has already started to positively impact business results for our clients.”

As an interface that works hand-in-hand with EnergyPlus, the Department of Energy’s open-source modeling software, epFace brings tremendous efficiency to the modeling process while maintaining the best calculation practices of EnergyPlus.

“At alliantgroup, we use the same modeling software as the IRS uses to calculate energy tax savings to ensure every claim we make is done in line with standard IRS procedure,” said alliantgroup Managing Director of Energy Credits and Incentives Linda McCluskey. “The development of epFace further ensures we are providing the most accurate and specific calculations possible in identifying and optimizing tax deductions for our clients.”

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