Compact Equipment: Tax Tips for 2015 – Why Green Buildings Can Lead to Green Dollars

Green construction has become a booming multibillion dollar industry, and for reasons related to both value and sustainability, it is a trend set to continue in the coming years. Even better, if your business is involved in energy efficiency, your construction company could qualify for a tax deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot.

In this piece from Compact Equipment Magazine, alliantgroup Managing Director of Energy Credits and Incentives, Linda McCluskey, discusses how even the most practical energy-efficient improvements to buildings owned by the government at the federal, state and local levels can lead to eligibility for one of the most valuable tax incentives around – the Energy Efficient Commercial Building Deduction – or more commonly known as Section 179D of the tax code. In this article, Linda walks us through how one construction services company was able to qualify for 179D, thereby finding the tax savings necessary to reinvest in both manpower and equipment.

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