alliantgroup is updating epFace, their proprietary software, to be compatible with EnergyPlus 8.7. EnergyPlus is a United States Department of Energy open-source software that provides plain data so interface software such as epFace can effectively obtain the 179D tax deduction, a deduction alliantgroup clients could be eligible for.

“alliantgroup has become the premier tax consultancy for the 179D deduction in part due to its state-of-the-art software epFace,” said Dhaval Jadav, CEO of alliantgroup. “Our software surpasses other industry standards for energy modeling and gives clients the most accurate and optimized results possible.”

Initially launched in 2014, epFace is updated every six months to follow EnergyPlus updates. The 8.7 version was released in March and added 25 new features for energy analysis and had 49 repairs to software defects.

CEO Dhaval Jadav went on to say, “The newest updates to epFace are yet another example of us going above and beyond general accepted requirements to serve our clients. As a firm, we continue to stay ahead of the industry by using the most accurate software and methodologies available.”

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