alliantgroup has recently announced an upcoming webinar hosted by Managing Director Michael Siegel to discuss how technology and software companies can utilize the expanded Research and Development tax credit. Many small to medium size U.S. tech companies and startups are now able to take advantage of new regulatory & legislative modifications to the R&D tax credit.

“I would encourage all executives within the industry to sign up for this event to ensure they are claiming full value from this widely under-claimed tax credit.” said alliantgroup CEO Dhaval Jadav. All technology & software development CEOs, presidents, CFOs and business leaders are encouraged to attend and learn more about relevant R&D tax credit changes.

This webinar covers details of the credit for businesses not yet claiming this credit as well as recent changes that may create new opportunities for companies currently claiming this credit. The full story can be read here and to register for this webinar or see additional information, visit the alliantgroup website.